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A tactile feedback glove for sensing the surroundings: prototype

On the 11th of May I participated to the Wearable Tech Hackathon at STPLN in Malmö (Sweden).

I came up with an idea of producing a prototype using Mighty Dwarfs vibro-speakers on a belt, or any other wearable gear, to feedback our body with vibrations with inputs coming from all the directions.

Since the event was very much business-oriented, much more than I expected, after building up a team we discussed and modified the idea in order to meet the requirements of usablilty, wearability and low budget. Also, we decided to use the incorporated vibro-device found on our Arduino Lilypad which was provided by the organization.


After less than 12 hours we already had our prototype – thanks to our engineer Victor – which featured an ultrasound distance sensor, driving the vibration motor, installed on a leather glove.

Viktor programming  Work in progress

The prototype proved to feel comfortable and stable, with a range of half a meter. The vibration was a pulse which became faster and faster depending on the distance between the ultrasound sensor and a physical object.

Using InviTouchWearing InviTouch

The idea behind this prototype was to develop a system for space awareness to the visually impaired people, in this case a glove which lets you sense the distance of your hands from physical objects. The final device could be a movable and adaptable one which can also fit shoes, belts, caps or other clothing/accessories. If put on your back, the device can help you detect the distance of objects/people behind you (for example in a queue at the supermarket, if you are deaf or are listening to music with your headphones).

Also, many devices can be used at the same time for a tactile-augmented reality system.

Finished prototype Finished prototype

The prototype was called “InviTouch” and an embryonal website was created by Heber Andrade.


  • Alessandro Perini: concept
  • Heber Andrade: design/coordination
  • Sveta Bogojevic: design/communication
  • Victor Boström: assembling/programming

InviTouch logo